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Topline Magazine | January 23, 2018

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Peak Design Re-Thinks the Modern Messenger Bag

Charles Watkins

Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger Bag : A Beautiful Bag and a Record Setting Kickstarter Campaign

Peak Design, renowned maker of well built camera gear, has launched its newest bag on Kickstarter. Called ‘The Everyday Messenger.‘ This bag, though still designed with camera enthusiasts in mind, also features an adaptable design that’s adaptable to everyday life, while still including your photography equipment.

The messenger bag is designed to expand when filled, and features three modular dividers that expand and contract depending on configuration. As such, it’s able to grow from 13.5L to 20.5L capacity, and uses a semi-rigid inner shell to prevent “bag-slouch.”  On the front of the bag, four latches adapt to the various capacities, and are coupled with a magnetic latch on the bag’s front flap that can be opened and closed with a single hand. Last, the bag’s flap also features a waterproof zipper for quick access to the main compartment and mesh outer pockets.

Peak Design’s Kickstarter campaign has raises over $1M in the four days since it was launched.

Peak Design has used Kickstarter for funding their enterprises before and this bag follows suit.   Through this time, it has set a new record for bags on the crowd funding website.  It has sailed past its $100,000 goal to over $1.1Million dollars with 52 days to go.  A pledge of $195 is required to get a single bag in either Heritage Tan or Charcoal, down $55 USD from the MSRP retail price. Global shipping to backers is estimated to begin in December 2015.

Press Release  

San Francisco, CA (July 22, 2015) — Peak Design, one of most innovative and disruptive
camera accessory brands in recent years, is back to Kickstarter for the fifth time in five years to a
launch their first in a planned line of bags. Partnering with professional photographer Trey Ratcliff,
Peak Design set an ambitious goal to completely re-think every function and design element of
the modern messenger bag. After a year of close collaboration and design, Ratcliff and Peak
Design are proud to unveil The Everyday Messenger™, a complete overhaul of the classic
messenger bag that meets the demands of not just photographers, but travelers, commuters and
the creative class.

Product development was started over a year ago when Trey Ratcliff, an avid user of Peak
Design gear, approached the team with a challenge to design a bag that accommodated photo
gear, but also the implements of everyday life. “I’m sick and tired of camera bags,” Ratcliff
exclaims in the Kickstarter video, “they’re bulky foam cubes with messy dividers and tons of dead
space. I’m tired of switching bags when I’m not shooting – I wish I had one bag that I could use
everyday.” The result of this collaboration is a bag that is of universal appeal, with cameraspecific
functionality, but delivered in a novel format that maximizes capacity and versatility, and
with a clean, classic aesthetic.

The Everyday Messenger features the new patent-pending MagLatch™, a proprietary closure
mechanism designed to allow blind, one-handed operation, and both semi and full lock
engagement. The bag expands from 13.5L to 20.5L, utilizing a system of 22 foam panels that
expand and contract cleanly, without losing shape. The exterior is built from a 500D synthetic
canvas with wax coating and DWR finish, which sheds water and provides good-looking rugged
durability. The Everyday Messenger’s interior is constructed with several removable high-density
compression-molded EVA foam inserts that fold to adapt to a wide range of cameras, lenses and
accessories, without creating pockets of “dead space” found in typical camera bags. The
Everyday Messenger is finished with an internally-padded seatbelt-style shoulder strap that
allows a huge range of adjustment with no hanging “tail” of extra webbing.

With the launch of The Everyday Messenger, Peak Design is celebrating both the company’s five year anniversary and its fifth appearance on Kickstarter. As a company born, nurtured, and
matured through crowdfunding, Peak Design has continually delivered meaningful innovation to
stagnant product categories via the Kickstarter platform. To design The Everyday Messenger,
Peak Design partnered with one of the world’s most acclaimed travel photographers, Trey
Ratcliff, to integrate both photography and general travel expertise. “As a travel photographer,
“I’ve used my fair share of bags but I’ve never found one that checks all the boxes,” Ratcliff says.
Other than a camera, a bag is the most important tool a photographer brings along. This has
been a major passion project — I’ve always wanted to build the perfect companion bag.”