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Topline Magazine | January 23, 2018

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Patagonia Provisions Reveals New Buffalo Jerky

Charles Watkins

Patagonia, longtime outdoor clothing company, recently got into the food business through Patagonia Provisions.

If you recall an article we published last month, we introduced you to their backpacking staples of Fruit + Almond bars, Smoked Salmon & Tsampa Soups.  Now they’ve expanded their lineup to include another perennial backpacking favorite: Beef Buffalo Jerky.  That’s right, Buffalo.  But being Patagonia Provisions, this is not just any randomly sourced Buffalo product, rather it is a carefully selected and produced meat that comes with a story all its own and continues the mission of producing products in an engaged and mindful way.

The free-roaming, humanely raised American buffalo help keep the Great Plains ecosystem healthy. We’ve launched a partnership with Dan and Jill O’Brien of Wild Idea Buffalo to bring Buffalo Jerky to the Patagonia Provisions pantry and support grassland restoration efforts.

The crew at Patagonia Provisions has partnered with Wild Idea Buffalo to help play a conservation role in sustaining the Great Plains. By intentionally selecting and supporting ranches with free-roaming, grass-fed buffalo, they’re helping native grasses – and all the species that depend on them recover from years of intensive agriculture.

The jerky is made from American bison and features a pure, robust and delicious flavor. The 100% grass-fed, free-range, antibiotic- and hormone-free buffalo is lightly seasoned and dried for a snack that’s both portable and nutritious. The unopened package requires no refrigeration and is backpack, boat bag and shelf stable for one year. It makes for a convenient, tasty snack on the go, or as a supplement to camp meals.


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