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Topline Magazine | January 23, 2018

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REI Launches Two New Outdoor Gear Lines in 2015

REI Launches Two New Outdoor Gear Lines in 2015
Charles Watkins

2015 has been a busy year for outdoor gear retailer Recreational Equipment Inc., better known as REI

In addition to this summer’s introduction of their “evergrn” line of “urban adventure” gear aimed at attracting new customers in the popular millennials consumer segment, they have also announced a line of clothing that targets its more traditional core customers, namely active outdoor enthusiasts looking for good, dependable gear at an affordable price. The new line of apparel is dubbed REI Co-Op, and features a wide array of stuff for both men and women.

REI Co-Op Logo

The Co-Op line was designed with the idea that every piece compliments each other, both in terms of function and style. It includes several long and short sleeve shirts, as well as down jackets and down vests. There is even a Co-Op branded stocking cap and two different styles of socks, available in crew length and a quarter cut. Because each of the items looks good and works well with one another, they can be easily interchanged to create a solid layering setup.

REI Co-Op Gear

REI wanted to give their new Co-Op products a splash of color, and so most of the items are available in at least five or six different bold shades. The Co-Op products also have a clean, straightforward look to them that should allow them to look good on the trail and around town.

So, think of the Co-Op line as REI’s value based in-house brand.  Inspired by these three things:

  • Mindful design: made with everything you need and nothing you don’t.
  • Choice: Each Co-Op product full range of vibrant colors
  • Value: High quality that exceeds expectations – at a great price

Meanwhile, back at camp: REI’s evergrn


For nearly 80 years,  REI has built a business putting hardcore outdoor products in touch with the hardcore outdoor crowd, selling technical backpacks, 3 and 4 season mountaineering tents, and boots tough enough to tackle Everest. But with a new line of gear that began arriving in stores May 2015, the outdoor retail giant is hoping to appeal to a new & slightly different crowd.

The company’s evrgrn line is designed to appeal to a younger, hipper and more urbanized customer. One who is more likely to use their sleeping bag in the backyard than portaledged on Meru. These are people who aren’t looking for gear to sustain them on a three-day trip into the backcountry, but want products that will allow them to enjoy spending more casual time outdoors with their friends instead. Mix 1 part car-camper with 1 part fun sleepover and you’re getting close.

But, if you’re worried that REI is going soft, never fear – the evrgrn website alludes to the idea that this new line of gear isn’t so different from what REI sells in its traditional outdoor products. Similar to the Co-Op clothing above, there is an emphasis put on good design, quality construction, and versatility – things that every gear manufacturer strives for.  With a closer look however,  it’s easy to see what REI has in mind with this new brand. The website reads:

“combining style and function for grab-and-go spontaneity, evrgrn gear goes from the beach to the campsite, from the bbq to the concert, always ready for your outside happy hour.”

…our mission has been to share our love of the outdoors. with evrgrn™, we’re joining a new outdoor conversation: one that is focused on the connections and memories that can only happen in the freedom of the outdoors. evrgrn products seamlessly join style and function, and thoughtfully consider both the big picture and the smallest details.

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