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Topline Magazine | January 23, 2018

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Craft Beer Brewer Oskar Blues Gets Into Coffee Roasting - Topline Magazine

Charles Watkins

Welcome to a World Filled with Artisinal Coffee Roasting + Doughnuts + Craft Beer

Longmont, COLO. – Oskar Blues will soon have its spin-off artisanal coffee and doughnuts available at the new Oskar Blues Fooderies-driven Hotbox Coffee Roasting location at 3490 Larimer St in May 2016.  This is the first location for the Longmont-based craft coffee roasters that will open directly next to the upcoming craft casual CHUBurger RiNo location.

The Hotbox Roasters location expands on Oskar Blues Fooderies’ array of craft inspired concepts including the original Oskar Blues Grill & Brew, Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids & Solids, CHUBurger and CyclHOPS Bike Cantina.  The variety of chef Rog-inspired classic, homemade doughnuts will compliment the coffee offerings with that cult classic bakery scent.

Brought to you by the innovators of craft beer in a can, Hotbox Roasters coffee is roasted at the Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, CO from beans selectively sourced directly from farms and importers, and carefully hand-roasted to bring out the flavor profiles and characteristics typical of the region the bean is from. The result: premium coffee without the pretension. The beans themselves are sold packaged in Crowler cans to preserve freshness.

The company currently produces three different roasts from Kenya, Bolivia and Indonesia and will be adding premium beans from other regions over time. Hotbox Roasters also plans to work closely with craft beer brewers around the country to provide custom-roasted coffee beans to be used in craft brews as the popularity of coffee-infused beer continues to grow.

Hotbox Roasters’ current varieties include:

  • Bolivia Newton John: Sourced from the high-altitude village of San Ignacio and roasted to a medium-light profile. The coffee has flavors of dark chocolate and citrus, with a smooth finish
  • Frank Sumatra: An earthy, citrus, herbaceous, and undeniably smooth Sumatran coffee thanks to the wet hulling processing technique from Indonesia
  • Kenya Dig It: A big, bold and juicy coffee from Kenya with hints of lemon sweetness and dark chocolate stout flavors that makes this coffee very complex and delicious


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